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  • ✓ Staff is symbolic of power and it represents stability. Wings represent swiftness (quick action) and ability to soar (watchful).
  • ✓ Serpent is a sign of wisdom. The two serpents represent the curative and preventive aspects of microbial diseases.
  • ✓ Microscope represents the branch of Medicine - Microbiology. The opened book represents dissemination of knowledge and the Globe represents the extent of the Organisation.
  • ✓ The three letters ACM - represent the abbreviation of “Academy of Clinical Microbiologists”.
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Dr. Mabel Legori, MBBS, MD, FRCPath
Former Professor and Head
Department of Microbiology
Government Medical College , Trivandrum

Dr. Mabel Thykkuttathil Job (September 18th, 1943 - September 29th, 2022) -a journey unfolded across different landscapes and realms of expertise.Born in the charming town of Mangalore, Karnataka, India, she embarked on a life's voyage that left an indelible mark. Her early years saw her family relocating to Cochin, Kerala, where her foundation of growth was nurtured.

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